Brothers and Sisters:

On Friday, May 19, 2017,  a meeting was held with CEUI General Counsel Cara O’Sullivan, the Executive Board and the CEUI Negotiating Committee. The purpose was to discuss a draft SEBAC framework agreement. The Executive Board and the Negotiating Committee gave unanimous authorization to the CEUI President to approve formal discussions to begin at the SEBAC table with the Administration.

The meeting of the fifteen SEBAC unions was held today and formal discussions have been approved. In the next two weeks we will be working on finalizing an NP-2 contract and reaching an official tentative agreement on our NP-2 contract and a SEBAC agreement.

When we have tentative agreements on both, we will start the process of scheduling informational meetings with members in advance of a mail ballot to all members. By far, the most important part of this process is that you not make decisions based on media reports, or from listening to others with incomplete or inaccurate information. There will be plenty of time to look at the agreements and have questions answered. We will be sending schedules of meetings to be held, if and when tentative agreements are reached. Together we will get through this crisis with the best possible outcome for our families.

Click here to view the draft framework agreement for your review. This is not the final tentative agreement as some details of our NP-2 contract need to be worked out. Keep in mind that this document was completed this evening. All other releases of information were premature. The media has no interest in accuracy, only in printing something.



The announcement is a contingency plan only. We have not received any notice of layoffs for any NP-2 employees as of today. If we do get any notices, the impacted members will be notified immediately.

The Administration has announced that it will begin formally notifying union leaders of contingency plans for layoffs.  The administration has indicated the action is being taken now because of notice requirements in various collective bargaining agreements.   Still more public service layoffs would just make things worse for Connecticut.

While we continue to explore ways that state workers can provide help in the state’s fiscal challenges, Connecticut remains the wealthiest state in the richest country on the planet.  Yet it is apparent from the ongoing revenue shortfalls and our struggling middle class that our current tax structure is inadequate in ways our neighboring states and others like Minnesota –which raised taxes on the wealthy–have overcome.

Connecticut needs to make smart decisions for our state’s future. We ask our elected leaders to stand up for working and middle-class families and for a budget that works for everyone. Please contact your state legislators to oppose any plan to layoff state employees.

Golf Tournament

The Third Annual CEUI/MEUI Golf Tournament, which is the primary fundraiser for our scholarships, will be held on Monday, June 12th at the Farmington Woods Golf Club.

Please contact Tracy at the Union office at 860-343-8712 / for registration material.

We hope you’ll join us!

Statement from the President regarding SEBAC

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This agreement is on the structure of how the State funds our pension system.

It in no way impacts benefits or member contributions.  It does prevent a sharp spike in pension contributions that would have been  required by the State in future years.

This stabilization plan is good news for retirees past, present, and future.

In solidarity,

Ron McLellan

Click on the following links to view the documents.

Memorandum of Understanding

SEBAC – SERS Funding Agreement Statement







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