SEBAC and NP-2 Tentative Agreements

Click on these three links to review the:

2017 SEBAC Tentative Agreement


NP-2 Memorandum of Understanding


NP-2 full tentative agreement

In Solidarity,

Ron McLellan

NP-2 and SEBAC – Tentative Agreement Meeting Schedule

Click on this link to view the meeting days and locations.
(This list has been updated as of Monday, June 19th)

We are here to answer any questions. Please get the facts.

SEBAC and NP-2 Contract Q&A

Click on the links below for the Framework and Q & A documents.

SEBAC Framework Next Steps Q&A

Healthcare Q&A

Medicare Advantage Q&A

Impact on Future Retirees Q&A

SEBAC Framework Document

CEUI / MEUI Picnic Schedule

  • June 30 – New Haven
  • July 14 – Middletown

12 noon to 4 p.m.







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